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July 21, 2011 / chronomax

ShockofGod and chatrooms- how to do it proper


So last night I was in the ShockofGod chatroom and the people there were awesome. They were mostly atheists and actually, a lot of the christians were nice. Of coure, the “terrible, scum monster” atheist trolls would get banned repeatedly while the innocent and harmless christians, drunk with LOL’s and swinging exclamation marks like a troll under the bridge, would never be reprimanded. In fact, one of the mods (they’re all christian: ShockofGod doesn’t trust atheists as mods) said that they didn’t like him and hated his arguments.

I ended up doing a debate with Shock- well, not really a debate. It was more like he told me to debate him and if I said no that he was a chicken. This is the guy who is the admin for the very chatroom I’m in and who can kick me from mic or ban me at any moment. So I tried to talk to him about debating and he completely ignored me only to put it to a vote. Because my right to debate or not is dependant on democracy. We couldn’t even find a topic to argue about! He did the whole “proof and evidence that atheim is true and accurate” which is of course fallacious and has been told to him multiple times. So then he said that he wants to argue that there are good arguments for believing in a god and I agreed! What does he do? “Well, let’s just go ahead.” The rest of the argument went like this:

  • Shock brings up a damn PowerPoint presentation
  • Shock talks/preaches for ten minutes, in which he asks dozens of questions
  • I am timed on my response
  • Shock talks/preaches for ten more minutes, asking several dozen more questions
  • I am timed on my response
  • Shock tells me to also show why atheism is accurate and correct, then asks me more questions
  • I try to respond
  • Shock tells me that I’m an agnostic and says that the definition is that I have a doctrine that god doesn’t exist
  • I tell him to read the second definition which is the one most used
  • Shock tells me to stop sidestepping the question
  • I tell him I’m an atheist

What do I wake up to today? Shock coming up with a video saying that he won fourty out of fourty debates. Amazing. It’s almost like he never counts the losses. I come on today and I’m OK with everything but then one of the ass mods comes on and begins arguing me about multiverse theory. “Well, I accept it, that is, not act on it but believe in it, because the string theorists with PhD’s are probably more intelligible on this subject than me (and NephilimFree’s Google Doctorate).” We went on about physical evidence and I made a metaphor to the Holocaust. Than to Pluto’s orbiting of the sun. Most atheists will know what I’m trying to get at here with the metaphors, but apparently I was saying that Pluto doesn’t exist and I called him a Holocaust denialist. Wow. I had to spend ten minutes to explain to him just what a metaphor was.

NephilimFree got on are argued my argument, well, what he thought it was because he came in at the tail end. After twenty minutes, I responded and Shock completely ignored it and then started explaining his ban of a person named ReLOLgion (a nice guy). I trust that person and from what he said, he was insulted before he was banned. Shock tried to talk about something else but kept making jokes about ReLOLgion and insulted his psychological health. Nice christian values here people. I stood up for ReLOLgion, got banned, then went to make a post.

So, I made a quick chatroom. Hopefully as more people come to this blog it will become more popular and I’ll find a better suited one. It’s small but it’s a chatroom. Enjoy!



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  1. ReLOLgion / Jul 21 2011 3:43 pm

    Don’t mean to spam, but you didn’t really see my comment in the chat,89012231
    That’s the chatroom us “atheists” use, though we do have a few intelligent Christians that come.

    • chronomax / Jul 21 2011 4:23 pm

      Thanks, I changed the URL in the post.

  2. Allallt / Jul 22 2011 7:49 pm

    it’s a brilliant chatroom – I have made too many effort to answer Shock and Nephs questions. I’ve never really learned that the same backwards and biased format continues…

    Was fun to read though.

  3. Jello / Aug 15 2011 2:24 am

    I was banned from shock’s chatroom for no good reason 2 days ago and the ban in still in place, so I think it’s permanent. Is there any way to get around the ban? It’s a flash based chatroom. I tried going back in with a free anonymizing website that changes my IP and it doesn’t work. I tried deleting the macromedia folder in the apps data folder combined with free anonymizer IP change and it doesn’t work. How do I get around this stupid ban?

    • chronomax / Aug 15 2011 11:42 am

      I use a proxy called ProXPN. It’s free, and after a couple of weeks they unban everybody usually.

      Also, I now write at

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