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July 20, 2011 / chronomax

A sci-fi moral problem turned real

I was talking in ShockofGod’s chatroom last night and we got to the topic of tribes in places like Guinea and Peru. See, there are still human societies that haven’t been touched by modern man and as of right now, most of them are protected so as to not be interfered with. Before a video that NephilimFree showed, we were talking about whether we should contact them or not. NephilimFree turned it into a discussion about racism and how it’s silly. And that evolution is racist.

Fuck you. You’re the person with the book that justified slavery for thousands of years.

Anyways, I supported them being protected, but I full-heartedly understand what the other side has to say. Without communication with modern humans, they can die of preventable disease, live shorter lives, never know what there is to know, and as one Christian put, learn the gospel. Let me say that it didn’t help anybody in the chat when someone says that we should destroy the early traditions and beliefs of a whole tribe just to convert them to a different stone age religion. While Christianity has nothing to give to the world, the knowledge of the Christianity before-hand might.

The way I see it, the uncontacted history of our race needs to be preserved in the sense that we should let it play out. Imagine learning how spoken language evolved, how written language came into being, etc.! I really want to hear everyone’s opinion on this though because there are a lot of bad things on each side. If we contact them, they might die out from our diseases and they’ll be susceptible to deforestation and manipulation. If we don’t contact the, they might die out from preventable disease and they would be living lives that could be so much better. Really, I can’t tell where my morals fit in with this.


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