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July 18, 2011 / chronomax

They deserve more. They always do. They always will.

I just watched a video by somebody who I subscribed to after watching Shayrah’s livestream (subscribe to my Twitter or Facebook for updates on personal things like when I’m on a BlogTV or poetry and stuff) and it’s about a charity fundraiser for the National HIV/AIDS Vaccine Initiative/Alliance. This year’s will hopefully shatter previous event records and will feature more than a dozen YouTubers (Coughlan616, C0nc0rdance, DasAmericanAtheist, xxxthepeachxxx, etc.). It will be from August 27-28 for 36 hours, each YouTuber getting either a half or full hour block.

I also wanted to point something I saw on a video by the same person doing this event. It was a comment and the video was about TheAmazingAtheist asking money for a new camera when charities still need money. The comment read:

“Wow the title just makes it sounds like TJ [TheAmazingAtheist] is trying to swindle money away from people. Nobody deserves anything. We can choose to do with our money as we want. I would never donate to TJ over a charity but this is ridiculous. Respect lost, not that it matters.”

(I love posting quotes for some reason, sorry) He says that you can do anything with your money that you like. That’s right. He says that Liam, the person who made these two videos, is ridiculous and that he lost respect for him. That’s frustrating. He also says that nobody deserves anything. That’s fucking terrible. That’s inhumane- humanity is wishing the best of your fellow man and you cannot say that it’s ridiculous to believe that, like Doctors Without Borders does, helping people with cholera-poisoned water and living with fear of radical guerillas deserve more than a fucking selfish excuse for a person like you who has the luxury to even have the education and means to speak your opinion, unlike others.


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