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July 18, 2011 / chronomax

FlashForward is made an example of

I just finished watching FlashForward. It’s a really good show and I’d definitely recommend it. There’s suspenseful crime drama, conspiracy, drama, and science fiction aspects that all work hand in hand. All of the characters are dynamic and interesting, fleshed out and relatable. This is a show that knows how to handle a large cast so you don’t end up having generic look-alikes.

However, I’d like to vent my anger on its whole sci-fi part which is that you can explain any impossible-sounding event with a certain branch of science. This branch of science is relatively new. This branch of science is very hard to understand and study. Can you guess what science we’re talking about?

Yes. Quantum physics.

I wish a quantum physicist would make a public announcement. “Look, if anybody tried to explain something with string theory or quantum mechanics, tell them to piss off.” Nobody understands this science and it deals with things on a level where it breaks down the laws of science. I doubt it will serve any predictable and productive result within a decade.

So, TV show writers. Religious nuts. Stop using quantum mechanics to explain things when you don’t understand it. It makes you look like you’re trying to be smart and you’re on your last excuse for an idea.


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