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July 16, 2011 / chronomax

Global warming is bad, but keep drilling

I don’t know much about what Obama has done- I neither like him, nor do I hate him for things that have been misconstrewed by the media or that I’ve read on the internet. I’ve always fiddled in my head about a website based on a system that will essentially get a receipt for all the actions and money spent by government officials, but that would surely take time, effort, and money: none of which I have right now. However, whether or not Obama has stopped drilling for oil in America, or on the shore, or whatever- we need to increase drilling.

Many people are making well made decisions: driving eco-friendly cars, changing light bulbs, recycling, etc. But when people say that “we need to switch to green energy now”, it makes me a bit mad. First off, let’s take on half of the argument: we need to switch to green energy. Agreed. Completely agreed. The future of the world, human race, and all living life depend on our carbon output and if we don’t decrease that amount, we will face devastating consequences. And yes, people need to stop freaking the hell out every time something bad happens. All oil companies are being swarmed by internet petitions and campaigns because of the Gulf Oil Spill. Nuclear reactors, which haven’t been made for made for a decades and won’t be for another, shouldn’t be picketed because one blew up after being hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. In fact, we should be praising how well the system is for handling both of those disasters and not having a very bad fallout. If your house was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, would it be standing? I doubt some military bases on a coast could survive that! Eventually, geothermal energy will be attacked and somehow, solar and wind will as well. We need to all agree that new energy and old energy have flaws, as well as achknowledging that without continuing to give them money to increase safety standards, they will not change. So to answer the first question: petition your electives, donate to green energy companies, and hey- maybe even volunteer if you can.

The second part: you want green energy now. You can’t. Sorry, but you can’t and you, people who expect this energy conversion to be instant, need to realize this fact and promote more drilling. The public is beginning to adjust to this new knowledge- that global warming is real. If we continue to drill and get the most out of the available energy, there might not be such a bad turnout, definetly while the new green energy technology is changing the playing field. We need to keep the amount of energy we use atleast as high as it is now or society will crumble. Use oil and while green energy begins to conquer, the oil is running out, we can safely exchange the new methods. So, get more jobs and drill in America.

However, while you are mailing your government officials to invest in eco-friendly technology, you might want to change the ones who are a bit nuts and don’t believe the scientists, like Paul Smith who’s a Republican delegate. First off, you really shouldn’t trust a politician who takes their opinions over scientists. That’s called a God complex and it doesn’t work nicely when you’re holding the future for thousands upon thousands of people. While I agree that not moving endangered species is bad when it closes vital institutions to our society, I don’t however believe that Obama is using his control (because the Federal branch controls everything apparently) of the Wildlife departments to apparently, conspiracy-style, place endangered lizards at drilling plants. This guy, who also says that global warming is fake, says that he knows more than scientists when they say that we can’t “just move them a mile away and let them adapt”, and that animals are thriving more than ever near the Alaskan pipeling! That’s wonderful! But what’s the explanation for it?

“Cause the pipeline is heated and animals in the cold like that!”

– Paul Smith



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  1. sulochanosho / Jul 23 2011 12:40 pm

    Whether the whole real issue is ‘oil cry’ or ‘eco cry’? Oil is boiling over, it seems.

    • chronomax / Jul 23 2011 2:58 pm

      I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at.

  2. pendantry / Jul 24 2011 9:18 am

    You say ‘we must keep drilling’ but… you don’t give a reason why.
    You say ‘we can’t have green energy now’ but… you don’t say why.

    Global warming is bad, burning fossil fuels is the cause, solution: stop burning fossil fuels. Which means: stop drilling. Stop demolishing mountaintops. Stop tearing down carbon-sink forests to expose the shale beneath. That way lies (more) madness.

    You make some minor reference, in passing, to jobs.
    If ‘jobs’ is your hobby horse, employ people to build green energy infrastructure.

    • chronomax / Jul 24 2011 9:53 am

      We need to keep drilling to continue living at the high energy needs we have right now, as I said in the post.
      I thought this was pretty obvious:
      It takes ~seven years to make a wind turbine farm.
      It takes ~three years to make a solar plant.
      Quick nuclear power plants are not going to happen. Period.

      Global warming is bad, burning fossil fuels is the cause, solution: stop burning fossil fuels. In turn, all the cars are going to need to be replaced, heating systems are going to have to go out, goodbye plastics, most of the products we make will have to stop being made, and- oh yeah- that very day this all happens, everybody needs a new car, the clothing that is made in the factories using fossil fuels are going to have to be replaced, we’ll have to create a whole entirely new synthetic material, etc. But wait, you don’t mean one day do you? Then how long will it take? How long will it take to shut down all of the oil wells, take everybody working there off of a job, replace the very infrastructure of our country, and revolutionize industry across the world?

      Yes, I do believe that with the state of the economy right now and how we are importing all of our oil, that we should be independent and promote growth in the homeland. Unless of course, you want us to keep importing oil which puts more carbon emissions into the air.

      If you want more solar then I agree. If you want more wind then I agree. If you want all of that and you’re not willing to work in one of those companies or donate your money to one of those companies or petition for those companies to make their product or make your own green energy, then you’re a damn hypocrite. Stop acting like there is a stockpile of wind turbines somewhere and a whole work force ready to set them up on the signing of a bill, because there isn’t. Being negative about that fact is just plugging your ears.

      • pendantry / Jul 26 2011 10:15 am

        You seek argument where there is none.

        You also appear to assume that your entire audience is USAn. Part of the global problem is parochialism.

    • chronomax / Jul 26 2011 1:47 pm

      Then why are you arguing with me?

      Excuse me, but I’m from the United States. Whether you live elsewhere doesn’t matter though- the US drilling is still a good thing for us and we should still all continue using fossil fuels.

      Don’t come to argue and when I rebuttal them, sidestep it.

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