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July 15, 2011 / chronomax

Somebody needs to slap the sense into Texas

You like the First Amendment?  Too fucking bad.

This is the second time that Rick Perry has down some sort of Pray Day and it’s two times too many, and two times too many that he should have been impeached. Texas even threatened to leave the Union back in 2010. You know what? Let Perry do it! He is a medium for ignorance against religious minorities, spreading radical politics, and an unconstitutional politician in Texas, and it’s down right disgusting. This Day of Prayer and Fasting (because while you’re starving your brain, why not starve your body) promotes praying to Jesus Christ for economic woes and to fast, because it, well… I don’t freaking know, some symbolic crap.

Really, I’m on the verge of claiming that Texas is more Christian-fundie than Pennsylvania, but you know what, Santorum being the only Presidential candidate to sign The Marriage Vow concretes my opinion.

Some people might say that it doesn’t matter what Perry is doing: it’s to increase hope and it doesn’t hurt anybody to pray. Actually people, it fucking does. It weakens the Constitution and promotes Texas becoming more of a theocracy as it already is. What if Perry comes out of this and says, “It didn’t work because of the Jews not believing in Jesus Christ/Muslims not believing in God/atheists angering God, etc.” Call me a bit paranoid here, but I don’t find any comedy in a religious nut being the Governor of Texas.


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