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July 13, 2011 / chronomax

There is no good name for an introduction

I’m ChronoMax. This is my blog, and this post is about me.

I’m ChronoMax. I’m sixteen and I was born in Pordenone, Italy. My mother’s side is deeply rooted in Europe, especially England. Because of that, my philosophy has probably been skewed a little: I’m a wavy socialist (social healthcare, programs, etc.) and I love Europe.

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in the supernatural or any god. I’m very science-proned to the point that I wish to become an astrophysicist when I leave High School. I also promote technology and the advancement thereof. In fact, I’d like to see more of our surroundings become manipulated to be in relation to technology.

I’m a humanist. I hate labels and that’s why I hate writing this post (also because introduction posts are terrible). Neither Republican or Democratic, I honestly don’t even care what the definitions of them are: I’m ChronoMax. I’m a ChronoMaxist.

I’m a libertarian. Let people do what they will: judge them as they affect others in the court of law. When I tell someone that more drugs should be legalized, they think that I believe it should then be lawful for people to smoke in public or drive drunk. That is not what I believe in. At all.

I’m an optimist. I accept hope as necessary and a beautiful aspect of humanity. I think that we all should break any barrier that gets in our way to live the life we want to live. We should also in turn, break the barriers of our fellow man to live how they wish to.

I’m a reformed-Capitalist. Think of it like Ayn Rand: the fruits of your labour should be embraced and clean from dirty politics. Admittedly, capitalism has led to a glutton of money-grubbers. However, it should also be noted that American capitalism lead to some of the greatest inventions that have been made in history.

I’m an artist. Well, technically I’m an actor and a singer. I think that we should stick with these human aspects of showing our emotion, and while we should always be logical, there is something to be cherished with emotion.

So I’m ChronoMax. Apparently I’m a European, atheist, humanist, libertarian, optimist, reformed-Capitalist, actor. I’m probably more. I’m maybe less. Maybe my time on WordPress sheds light on that.


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